To butt heads with somebody

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julho 8, 2009 por fabiobossard

To butt heads with somebody – Discutir com alguem.

My sister and I are so different. We never see eye to eye on things. We’re constantly butting heads.

Debra and Paul are always butting heads with their parents

We have a similar expression in Portuguese: bater cabeças

I read that somewhere and I can’t remember where. The thing is that I was on msn and asked my friend about it. She explained to me saying that it’s the same as to not see eye to eye which made me confused, because I coudn’t figure it out either. She then said that it means to get into arguments or not agree with someone else’s ideas or opinions.  So I killed two birds with one stone (acertei dois coelhos com uma cajadada só) learning two expressions at the same time.


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