q-tips, cotton swabs, booger and snot


agosto 3, 2009 por fabiobossard

Q-tip/cotton swabs –   cotonete

Today’s post might sound a little bit disgusting. Sorry about that. It just ocurred to me that I didn’t know how to say “cotonete” and “catarro”  in English until I saw a comment on my friend’s facebook. So here it is:

“Cotonete” can be q-tips. This is the brand name, the trademark and it’s also the most common term. There is also the word cotton swabs. That I think is the real name. You use q-tips to remove the earwax in your ear.

Now, still talking about gross things, there is booger (meleca) and snot (catarro) . If your nose is full of snot and you can’t breathe, you say you have a stuffy nose (nariz entupido). But if  the snot is running out of your nose, like it does with small kids most of the time, you say you have a runny nose (nariz escorrendo).

2 pensamentos sobre “q-tips, cotton swabs, booger and snot

  1. tudobeleza disse:

    “like it does with small kids most of the time”

    fiquei rindo por um minuto sobre essa parte da frase, rs. imaginei crianças e os narizes delas escorrendo quase o tempo todo.

    ‘most of the time’ is the funny part but I would leave it as it is because you are stating your opinion.

    Snot can also mean an arrogant or conceited person, although it is mostly used to describe children… “that little snot over there tried to cut in line”. Snot-nosed is pretty much the same thing (metido a besta).

    I also thought about muco in addition to meleca

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