to be taken


novembro 25, 2009 por fabiobossard

to be taken –   ser comprometido/a

Well, it’s simple as that. If you are taken, you are married or have boyfriend/girlfriend.


— Man, look! That’s Jennifer. She’s so hot.

— Yeah, I know. But she’s taken, man!



2 pensamentos sobre “to be taken

  1. Jim Shattuck disse:

    I love your choices of idioms. Good job!

    In this case there are other meanings as well. To be taken is also to be fooled or to be robbed.

    To be taken for a ride — to be brought along on a ruse.

    To be taken for all he was worth — to be robbed of everything he owned.

    To be taken for a fool — to be misunderstood as a naive person.

    Very fun — jim

    • fabiobossard disse:

      Thanks Jim!!
      Most of my posts are based on expressions that have a correspondent in Portuguese. That was my main idea when I created the blog. Also everyday words that we don’t learn at languange schools like “tile” etc..
      About your examples, I am writing them down.

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