in installments


dezembro 27, 2009 por fabiobossard

in installments –  a prestação

Ever wondered howv to say “a prestação” in English? You don’t need to worry anymore. You buy something in installments. But you need to know that it works a little bit different in the States than it does here. When you buy sometihng in installments there, you have 6 months to pay it. You decide how much you pay each month. For example, if you buy something for $500.00. You can pay $50.00 in the first month, $100.00 in the second etc.

7 pensamentos sobre “in installments

  1. Jim Shattuck disse:

    In the old days… we would buy things on “Lay Away”. That meant that the store would set aside your item as sold while you made payments until it was paid in full. Once you had completed your payments you could pick up your item from the store and take it home.

    • Fabio Bossard disse:

      wow..that’s interesting

    • Danielle disse:

      hahaha yeah I use this translation, “lay away”, sometimes for students. I tell them that it’s not really common anymore but if they wanted to explain the Brazilian system of stores giving credit, they could say something like “it’s kind of like layaway”.

  2. Tricia disse:

    Great to find your site today; I think reading this might help with my portuguese, and I am looking forward to passing this along to my cunhadas who are perfecting their english.


  3. tudobeleza disse:

    I never quite made any connection between parcelas and the US way, but I suppose that is because in my experience Americans just buy something in full or if they use credit, they don’t consider much the payments to come. We just want our instant gratification, lol.

    I suppose it comes down to being able to make money easier here than there (Brazil). The scary part about the Brazilian system is that if you screw up and forget a payment, it goes on your permanent record (CPF), barring you from buying anything else in installments.

  4. fabiobossard disse:

    Eu usei ‘in installments” pq foi o que um amigo Americano me falou, mas ele explicou que não é muito comum.
    Tem gente que compra muitas coisas a prazo e depois não conseguem pagar. Ai o nome fica sujo, como dizemos aqui. Entra no SPC.

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