I can tell

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janeiro 24, 2010 por fabiobossard

I can tell –  dá pra ver

As you have noticed, this blog was created to teach/show my students phrases in English that have a correspondent in Portuguese. Sometimes these expressions have an almos literal correspondent in Portuguese. Sometimes they are pretty different. Case in point, “I can tell“. Although the words are different in both languages, the meaning makes sense in Portuguese, but for some reason we say it using other words.  Sometimes students of English don’t associate expressions in English with their correspondent in Portuguese. And that’s when my blog comes into action.

Ok, without further ado, let’s go the explanation in case you haven’t figured it out yet. We use I can tell to show that you have already noticed something someone else told you. Because it’s obvious.

This is a real converastion that my friend and I had over Gtalk.

D. – Hey, what’s up?

F. – Hey, I was just drinking caipirrnha!

D. – I can tell!

F. – how?

D. – caipirrrrrnha

F. – I’m NOT drunk yet!

D. – Getting there, I assume.

F. – hehehe

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