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fevereiro 11, 2010 por fabiobossard

to have a lay over – fazer escala (de avião)

To have a lay over is when you stop for a period of time between airplane flights. You are going to New York City, but before arriving in New York City, the plane stops at Miami airport for a period of time.

When we went to Canada, we had a lay over in SP for two hours.

(Quando fomos para o Canadá, fizemos escala em SP por duas horas)

Dan met his girlfriend during a long lay over at the Boston airport.

(Dan conheceu sua namorada durante uma longa escala no aeroporto de Boston)

OBS: Post corrected after Elena’s helpful comment.

2 pensamentos sobre “lay over

  1. Elena disse:

    Hey fabio, thanks for sharing this. In my own experience though, I’ve heard the term used a bit differently. This may not be true for all English speakers, but the way I’ve usually heard it used is not so much the way it is in your example
    we had to lay over’ or ‘to lay over’, but instead I’ve heard to have a lay over. For example, “Do you have a lay over on your trip to New York? -Yeah, I have a lay over in Miami.’ But your example of it as a noun is perfect. Again, maybe you’re right, but I’ve heard it used a bit differently, almost always with have (but not have to).

  2. fabiobossard disse:

    Elena, thanks for your comment and I have to admit that I wasn’t confident about this post. I haven’t asked my friends how to use this one. I relied on a dictionary, which is never a good option. In the dictionary, it showed as verb, too. So, according to your comment ‘lay over’ is always used as noun.

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