crack somebody up


fevereiro 21, 2010 por fabiobossard

crack somebody up –  matar alguem de rir/morrer de rir

If you crack somebody up or something cracks somebody up, it makes the person laugh a lot. For example:

John: Hey Jane. Did you see that funny movie last night?

Jane: Yes! That movie cracks me up everytime I watch it.

Pay attention to the differences in structure:

Portuguese: Eu morro de rir com aquele filme.

English: That movie cracks me up.

Another example:

Paul cracks me up. He’s so funny!  –  Eu morro de rir com o Paul or O Paul me mata de rir. Ele é tão engraçado.

Any questions, just let me know!


7 pensamentos sobre “crack somebody up

  1. Danielle disse:

    very nice! I learn the Portuguese, too! 😀

    But listen, the word “dúvidas” in a classroom setting is actually “questions”, not “doubts”. In English “doubt” is like “eu duvido isso… acho que não é confiavel ou verdade!”. So when my students say “I have a doubt”, I have to remind them to say “I have a question”, because it sounds like they’re saying “I don’t believe you!”.

    This word “doubt” is kind of a pet peeve for me in Portuguese English. Do you know “pet peeve”? It could be your next post! 😀 😀 😀

  2. fabiobossard disse:

    I will correct. Thanks!

  3. markuza disse:

    does cracking someone up make them ‘rir às gargalhadas’?

  4. fabiobossard disse:

    Hey Mark, I am not sure if I understood what you meant, but “rir às gargalhas” makes sense. Is it common there in Bahia? Here in Rio we don’t use it much. There many expressions that means “crack someone up”:
    rir muito
    rir pra caramba
    rir pra caralho
    se mijar de tanto rir (I guess there is one phrase in English to this)
    rachar o bico de tanto rir (this one is funny)

  5. tudobeleza disse:

    “I (almost) pissed my pants, it was so funny” lol

    Technically, it should be “pissed in my pants” but informally we say it like the phrase above.

  6. markuza disse:

    Actually, rir às gargalhas may not be that common at all. Here in Bahia they generally just say ‘Ca ca ca ca caaaaa!!!’

  7. fabiobossard disse:

    rsrsrsrsrs..same here

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