to be/get pissed off


fevereiro 24, 2010 por fabiobossard

to be/get pissed off –  estar/ficar puto

If you are pissed off or get pissed off about something or at somebody, you are angry or get angry about it or at somebody.

Man, I am so pissed off at my girlfriend, she’s a bitch!

8 pensamentos sobre “to be/get pissed off

  1. Julie disse:

    Hey hey…
    I might be the only Portuguese learner reading your blog, but I really enjoy the expression you choose…Anyway, it would be great if you could throw in an example sentence in Portuguese, just in case there’s more of us out there 😉

    • fabiobossard disse:

      Hi Julie. Although this blog is intended to English learner, almost everybody who comments here are gringos practicing Portuguese. I’ve started to put examples in Portuguese and I will do more in the next posts. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Suzy disse:

    Hey Fabio, just in case this is useful – in British English we wouldn’t use the hyphen in this phrase, so it would be “I am so pissed off” instead of “I am so pissed-off”.

    Am learning some great Portuguese phrases from your blog 😉 – thanks a lot!

  3. fabiobossard disse:

    Thanks Suzy. The first time I wrote I didnt hyphenated it, but then I thought It was hyphenated. I’m going to correct it.

  4. tudobeleza disse:

    Something I never understood about this phrase, does it change to puta if the subject is a woman? Ex, Ela ficou puta vs Ele ficou puto? Vlw

  5. fabiobossard disse:

    Yes. It changes. Ela ficou muito puta quando soube a noticia.

  6. Bauer disse:

    I loved the part : ” She’s a bitch” ahahahaha.

  7. Lily disse:

    I loved this sitio… It’s corret or no… rsrsrs … I love you. kississssss!

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