not only…but also


maio 2, 2010 por fabiobossard

not only…but also –  não só…como também

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to post expressions that we generally don’t learn at language schools and that there were an equivalent in Portuguese. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean I can’t write about grammar points when I think it’s an interesting issue. Case in point, not only…but also. What I really want to point out here is the word order. Example:

1) There are rules for checkers (jogo de damas). The word order for affirmative sentences is “there  are” and “are there” for questions.

2) She was sad. The word order: “she was” for affirmative and “was she” for questions.

Now, when you are using “not only…but also”, the word order is similar to question sentences, although the meaning is affirmative. Example:

1) Not only are there rules for damas, but there’s a Portuguese version and a Brazilian version.* (Não só existem regras para damas, como também existe uma regra Portuguesa e uma Brasileira.)

2) Not only was she sad, she was also angry. (Não só ela esta triste, como também zangada)

But can be left out in some cases.

* Example taken from the blog of my fellow blogger Mark Pfhol.

Um pensamento sobre “not only…but also

  1. Markuza disse:

    It’s funny how you never notice things about your own language until they are pointed out to you- like this construction for instance. I’ve also found that learning to speak Portuguese has taught me a lot of things about English that I had never noticed, or thought about, before.

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