go past


maio 15, 2010 por fabiobossard

go/drive/walk past –  passar por

If you use the word past with some verbs, it means you’re passing a person, place or anything else when you are going to some other place.

I walked past my old school when I was going to the gym today.  (Passei pela minha antiga escola quando estava indo pra academia hoje.)

I drove past Sylvia today (Eu passei de carro pela Sylvia hoje)

How are you going to get past the bouncer and get into the club? (Como você vai passar pelo segurança e entrar na boate?)

4 pensamentos sobre “go past

  1. tudobeleza disse:

    …which some people confuse with ‘passed’, such as “I passed my test with flying colors!”

  2. tudobeleza disse:


    click “other errors” to see their grand list

  3. tudobeleza disse:

    oops, i meant

    click “return to list of errors” lol

  4. fabiobossard disse:

    Interesting. I guess native speakers confuse it because they are pronounced the same way. As you know, Brazilians pronounce “passed” (pa-ssed) differently than “past”. But most of the time, Brazilians don’t even get to learn “go/drive/walk past”, because you won’t find this in textbooks.

    That website is interesting. I have seen it before.

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