odd jobs


agosto 17, 2010 por fabiobossard

odd jobs – bico

Odd jobs are temporary jobs, usually that don’t require long hours. In English is usually used in the plural.

My uncle does odd jobs like fixing fridges and microwaves. (Meu tio faz bico consertando geladeiras e microondas.)


5 pensamentos sobre “odd jobs

  1. Markuza disse:

    I think in Bahia at least odd jobs are also called ‘biscate’ – is that right?

  2. fabiobossard disse:

    Good question Mark! I had forgotten about this word. Yes, ‘biscate’ is the same as ‘bico’, but here in Rio you don’t hear it very often.
    ‘Biscate’ is also an offensive word for a cheap woman, a woman who has sex with every guy.
    ‘Aquela garota é uma biscate!’ .
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Markuza disse:

    rapaaaaaazzz…. que sacanagem! I’m telling my wife.

    just kidding.

  4. tudobeleza disse:

    Bico is one of my favorites, I remember when someone used it with me many years ago, I was like….huh? fazer bico? like a bird?

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